Dental Implants in Lititz, PA

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Anatomy of a dental implant.

Dental implants by our Lititz, PA dentist are the ultimate solution for missing teeth. An implant completely restores your missing tooth – root to crown – making them one of the most stable and functional tooth replacement options available.

Missing teeth can make it hard to speak, eat, and feel comfortable smiling. If you want a restorative dentistry option that looks, feels, and functions like your natural tooth, then dental implants are the treatment for you!

A dental implant has three components:

  • Implant Post: A small titanium implant post is placed in the jaw to serve as a new tooth root.

  • Abutment: Connects the implant to the dental crown.

  • Dental Crown: A beautiful new restoration is created to look and feel like your natural tooth.

Why Are Our Patients in Lititz, PA Choosing Dental Implants?

With benefits like these, why would you choose anything else?

Because implants are a stand-alone treatment, they don’t require any modification to neighboring healthy teeth.

Look and Feel Natural

Implants are the closest thing to your natural teeth. You can eat, speak, and smile with full confidence again!

Prevent Bone Loss

Missing teeth also lead to bone loss. Dental implants are the only restorative solution that prevents bone loss.


An implant is made of durable materials like titanium and porcelain that do not break down or decay. If you take care of them by following an excellent hygiene routine, they can last for decades.

Look Younger

When you lose bone, you lose the support for facial muscles, and the face can take on a “sunk-in” look. Implants help preserve bone and give support to facial muscles, giving you a more youthful appearance!


Dental implants are a permanent solution that won’t cause embarrassing slippage or uncomfortable chafing like some other missing tooth restorations.

The personal attention and quality care I received from Dr. Berg's office is top-notch. If you are looking for a dentist who truly cares and is looking out for your best interests, this is the place!

Sandy M., Actual Patient

Why Choose Us for Your Dental Implants in Lititz, PA?

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Dr. Richard Berg talking about dental implants with a Lititiz, PA patient

At Richard M. Berg, DDS, you won’t find another dental team who will deliver quality, compassionate care as we do.

Dr. Berg’s years of experience in providing quality cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry as a Lititz, PA general dentist have earned him a reputation for dental excellence. Plus, his warm and friendly chairside manner puts our patients immediately at ease! You can trust Dr. Berg to oversee your dental implant treatment from start to finish.

The surgical placement of the implant will be carried out by a very talented and well-trusted colleague of Dr. Berg’s; then, you will return to our office to finish off your implant with a custom-crafted, beautiful dental crown.

You are putting your smile into the best of hands. How so?

Don't Put Up With Missing Teeth Any Longer!

Our team is ready to help you have a healthy, beautiful smile again.

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