Our Difference

We’re a family who cares about your family!
A Lititz Dental Office Who Always Puts You First
Experience a warm, loving, and comfortable atmosphere.
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Here For You

Has it been a while since you’ve visited a dentist in Litiz, PA? No worries. We promise to never judge you. Instead, you and Dr. Berg will focus on the future to create and maintain a healthy smile.

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Earning Your Trust

We’ll listen to you. We’ll do what it takes to achieve your dental goals through a personalized treatment plan. Your priorities are what matter to us and we’ll work within your needs to create a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Comprehensive Dental Care

On top of gaining your trust, we deliver high-quality comprehensive dental care to keep you smiling for a long time. By focusing on your whole-body health, Dr. Berg will first address your urgent needs and ultimately provide you with a confident smile so you can enjoy your life!

Is Fear Getting in the Way of Visiting a Dentist in Lititz, PA?

Let us help you put those dental fears to rest.

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Have you endured a bad dental experience in the past? Are you avoiding the dentist because of fear of being judged? We understand your fears, which is why we place a huge emphasis on comfort, honor, and integrity at our dental office.

We do this by spending the time with you at every visit to understand your needs, not ours. Tell us about your reservations and hesitations to visiting the dentist; we’ll listen. We won’t start the “dentistry” until you’re ready.

We also offer comfortable amenities to make your time with our Lititz dentist a memorable experience:


  • Headphones

  • Warm Blankets

  • Neck Wraps

  • Refreshments

Always know we’re here for you!

If you want a skilled, caring, and very sensitive dentist, Dr. Berg is who I recommend. He and his staff make you feel welcomed right away and make it evident that they are there to serve you and your dental needs.

Lydia, Actual Patient

Planning Your Comprehensive Dental Plan Together

We take the time to educate you about your dental condition by not just looking at your teeth, but by looking at your bite, muscles, and overall health to determine the best dental plan to keep you healthy.
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Are you missing teeth?

Missing teeth can lead to future dental problems, including shifting teeth, jawbone deterioration, and periodontal disease.

Dr. Berg can help with his multiple tooth-replacement options, including dental implants.

Dr. Berg's dental hygienist using modern technology
Are you in pain?

Injury to your bite and teeth can lead to TMJ issues and chronic pain.

With comprehensive dentistry, we can restore the relationships between your bite and teeth, getting you out of pain.

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Unhappy with your teeth?

All of our dental services have an aesthetic focus.

Dr. Berg will consider your tooth color, facial characteristics, and personality to ensure your smile looks and feels amazing.

Dr. Berg talking to patients about their treatment plans for dentistry
Unsure what you need?

We invite you to schedule a comprehensive exam with our dental office, and we’ll give you a visual tour of your smile to show what we’re seeing.

From there, you and Dr. Berg will customize a treatment plan to reach your smile goals.

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We Hope We’re the Perfect Fit for You and Your Family
Come get to know us by scheduling an appointment.