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Richard M Berg DDS PC | FAQ in Lititz


54 Copperfield Circle | Lititz, PA 17543-9483
Phone: (717) 627-3113 


What is Dr. Berg’s philosophy of practice?

Dr. Berg is committed to prevention. He firmly believes it is less costly and in your best interest to prevent a dental problem or crisis from occurring rather than attempting to correct the problem afterward. This is accomplished through accurately diagnosing and identifying problems at an early stage and offering comprehensive solutions with prevention as our goal. He is dedicated to preserving your natural teeth and smile and helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

What will be done on my first visit?

Typically, for an adult, we will schedule you with Dr. Berg for updated x-rays and an initial comprehensive exam to identify dental problems you may have. At this visit, Dr. Berg will take the time to listen to your concerns and goals. Together, you and Dr. Berg will discuss a treatment plan specifically developed for you. Dr. Berg will review his findings, the x-rays and treatment options with you. Actual treatment procedures will begin at your next scheduled visit.

What is “comprehensive dentistry?”

Comprehensive dentistry is a non-traditional, unique philosophy that overall dental health is determined by the combined health of the teeth, TMJ, jaw muscles and gums. These systems are interrelated and will be thoroughly evaluated at the exam appointment in order to assess your overall dental health. Treatment is designed to address problems in all four areas in order to obtain optimum dental health, establishing a balance between aesthetics, form, and function.


Will procedures be explained to me?

Yes. Our desire is to make you as comfortable as possible during your visit and this includes understanding the procedures we are performing. Patient education is important to us.


What x-rays will be required?

We will typically take either a full set of x-rays or a panoramic x-ray at your initial exam, and then alternate these x-rays every three years, depending on your individual needs. We also typically take bitewing x-rays yearly, but adjust this schedule to your individual needs.


Does you office use digital x-rays?

Yes. We use digital x-rays which are more diagnostic and have up to 90% less radiation exposure to you and your family. In addition, this system is more environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals going down the drain.


Are there any warranties for treatment?

Yes. We have a limited warranty on sealants and restorations.


Will we be safe from cross infection?

Yes. We are very proud of our infection control procedures. We invite you to allow us to show you what we do to provide you and your family with a safe environment which often exceeds OSHA, state and CDC guidelines for infection control.


Are payment options available?

Yes. Payment options include: credit card, simple short term financing, check and cash.


Do you participate with any insurance companies?

Unfortunately, we do not. We do accept most insurance and will process your insurance claim electronically, day of service to expedite your reimbursement. Whether or not you are covered by insurance, we will work closely with you to give you the healthy smile you deserve.


How many time a year should I have my teeth cleaned and what will be done at these visits?

Typically, we recommend every six months. One of our friendly, knowledgeable dental hygienists will be cleaning and monitoring your teeth and gums twice a year. Dr. Berg will review updated x-rays, check for decay or problems, review the hygienists concerns and update treatment recommendations. Your dental health is dependent on regular, biannual cleanings and exams.


Should I be using a sonic toothbrush?

Yes Dr. Berg and his staff recommend a sonic toothbrush for improved plaque control.


Should I replace my silver fillings (alloys)?

Dr. Berg feels “white” composite fillings are superior to silver mercury fillings. Unlike silver fillings, composite fillings are bonded to tooth structure and strengthen the tooth, which could help prevent fractures or loss of a tooth.


What is cracked tooth syndrome?

Old, aging alloys, excessive occlusal forces, improper tooth alignment, unstable bite or clenching/grinding can all cause incomplete fractures of the tooth called cracked tooth syndrome. Typically, a cracked tooth is strengthened by an onlay or crown.

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